Photos: A Playground is the Devil’s Workshop

One adult’s sick sense of humor is another child’s playground. The Huffington Post just came out with the most hilarious, yet sad and quite disturbing collection of “fail” photos of playgrounds. Some of these just make you think, “What the hell were these people thinking!!”

As a preview, some suggestive designs for fun inflatables show children coming out of the anus of animals, the breasts or vaginas of others, falling into a cement catastrophe at a place that looks more like an internment camp, and even building sand castles among death, which leads me to the next point.

My favorite worse photo is the playground among the tombstones. Now if television, school, and teen drama weren’t enough to depress a kid, the playground is where it’s at. Where in the world? Why in the world? What kids are playing in a cemetery! What parents are bringing their kids to this place? Is this even legal! I really think there should be some sort of screening process for parenting or something. Any parent who hasn’t at least attempted to shut down some of these deathgrounds… I mean playgrounds need some serious evaluation.

You know what though, I think the playgrounds that look like the government forgot about that part of the city are the ones in the projects. If you go to a suburb with well to do people, parks will never look like that. Poor kids… literally 😉

Browse through the pics and tell us what you think.

Click here for all 12.

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