No Such Thing as a Cougar ;-)

*So, there’s no such thing as a cougar… not the animal… the woman. A study recently found that the cougar phenomenon is actually pretty much a myth. Although you may know one or two yourself, the frenzy of older women looking for a young strapping hunk is not really a frenzy. Cougars fall into the “endangered  species” zone.

Ok, I know this is a study, but i know there are so many cougars out there. I was at church the other day with the love of my life and then I notice one of the elders looked pretty young, maybe a dad of a 13-year-old and younger. I asked my man who was his wife and he points to a nearly gray haired grandma! Now this isn’t the first time I’ve seen a young man arm-n-arm with a woman old enough to be his mama. I’m starting to hear more young men seeking out women twice their age and women jumping on it.

The study also noted that more men are going after younger women – if that has ever changed. So women, being that there seems to be a shortage of eligible men, are going after those young, strapping boys with high energy and needing a bit of that mama love.

Read the report here.

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