Girdles for Men

*This is interesting. Men! It’s time to stop sucking in that beer belly and pulling those pants over that huge bulk of fat  keeping you from seeing your toes. Why, you may ask?  well, there’s a new undergarment said to cure your every beer belly  issue… get this… without exercise! Girdles for men is the newest cosmetic miracle.

They feel like a wet suit and wear like an undershirt. It smooths those extra lumps like love handles, beer bellies, and yes you guessed it… man boobs.  They cost about $99.

Perhaps I’m a bit cynical, but this might just be a little too much. If I met a man wearing one of these, I’d ask him… where has your mojo gone? These kinds of temporary cosmetic fixes are just not right for anyone but especially the men.

Men are supposed to be rugged, proud of their looks and carefree … well not completely. What I’m saying is… this is leaning toward the metro sexual thing, making men more concerned about their looks than women. Instead of covering it up… go to the gym… No man should have boobs! It’s an unnecessary fix. A gym membership is to reap better results.

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2 thoughts on “Girdles for Men”

  1. Well I think this is for gay people, I don´t know any men that could use this, and there´s no reason to ask them to. If He doesn´t have a belly surely He doesn´t like women jijiji

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