Hearing Loss in Teens

*Did you hear? Hearing loss among teens is becoming the trend of the decade. Well, that’s what a study is saying. Teens are basically listening too much too loud and too close.

Those nifty lil “earbuds” may be the cause for teen hearing loss.  A study says from 1994 to 2006, hearing loss in children ages 12-19 has increased from 14.9 percent to 19.5 percent.

They predicted this would happen a long time ago, and I guess no one really took heed to the warning. Now the kids are going def because they play their beats real high.

Perhaps the health industry and caring organizations have slacked in the past decade, not advertising the threat of hearing loss and properly educating the public about the risk of listening to close or too loud. Our ears are sensitive folks. Train your child in the way that s/he may go.

Oh and these warning are not just for the kids. Adults listen loud and keep those earpieces on max volume, acting like they can’t hear on the other line.

Remember, hearing loss is not reversible.

Read the full report here.

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