Make Cocaine Legal!

*Like Rick James once said, “Cocaine is a hell-of-a-drug.” Well he was right, rest his music making soul. A professor, probably in Europe, is suggesting that cocaine and heroin should be legal! He claims the legalizing of the drugs would cut down crime and addicts’ health problems.

 I’m a fan of trying new things, but this right here just seems ludicrous. The professor, Sir Ian Gilmore, says the government regulation would save money and “avert the need to try to stop drug production in countries such as Afghanistan.”

Oh now we are getting somewhere. He said the magic words… save money and stop Afghanistan. See, we have to be able to read between the lines of all the garble of those lofty professors and high scholars. He is saying exactly what most Western governments have been thinking for years, especially America. Why not make money, not they already don’t, off of the demise of the Black community and them other folks and derail Afghanistan’s major industry. Bring the money back home.

Another interesting thing about this conversation is that he has a point.

In Amsterdam, drugs are legal, crime rates are lower, and HIV/AIDS is nearly non-existent because everything is readily available to users in coffee shops, vending machines, etc.

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