Video: Shameful Parenting: Teaching Childern Promiscuity

*SMH… Parents being entertained by their children dancing isn’t something new under the sun, but in this day and age, it needs to be regulated! In the video below, you will see some parents recording and taking pictures of their little daughters doing some serious booty shaking many adults aren’t even comfortable doing.

The problem here isn’t the children, it’s the parents. Who are these girls watching? What does the mama expect their children to be like when they get older?

Promiscuity is being taught to children who aren’t even old enough to understand what they are doing. But the parents do and condone their every move. If you watch the video, you will see an adult push another little girl out in front of the camera to shake her little behind. And they wonder why their kids do the things they do when they become of age.

I agree with the composer of the video (s/he says “Parents, we must do better”).

Although I do not support government hands being involved with parenting, this situation is sick, saddening, and disturbing on a level that speaks to the oppressive nature of media and the irresponsibility of young, brainwashed parents. Someone needs to interject because this is getting out of hand. The Black community is already misrepresented and these kinds of parenting habits don’t make us look or be any better.

Parents must do better

9 thoughts on “Video: Shameful Parenting: Teaching Childern Promiscuity”

  1. They are not in Africa so it doesn’t matter. Bottom line, some people shouldn’t have children. I would love for someone to follow these girls lives. I would love to see what type of character, education and self esteem they have in the next 10 or 15 years. I would love to see if they know how to read and retain information as well as they can roll their butts. And the parents, they are shameful and don’t deserve the blessing of having children. They are what makes America’s sins come back to haunt us. This video makes me sick!

  2. I’m beginning to believe more and more that we should somehow police the people who are allowed to procreate. This is shameful and demeaning to the child because they more than likely don’t understand and are simply mimicking mom’s behavior.
    I bet in Africa they wouldn’t be doing a routine to “shake something” either. This video hurts my feelings.

  3. I didn’t watch the video’ I didn’t need to, I work with children, I see the way they dance. What I do suggest to the parents is putting them in African dance classes. Some of the dances they teach are just as suggestive the dances were taught to African girls for courtship. So it has a history maybe just maybe it is something that African Americans still hold on to. I’m not saying that it has a place in society now but it has a history. There are many things AA do today that was done in Africa. When African Americans remember who they are and start learning about their true culture they will be able to move forward.

  4. @Jessica and what I would love to see is people going into the urban areas and becoming mentors and giving these young ladies guidance instead writing their future off. “It takes a community to raise a child” -African proverb

  5. Should we hold something sacrosanct just because it is of African origin. NO. Everything African ain’t right. Furthermore I believe some African dance celebrates human sexuality without making it raunchy. These girls, on the other hand, have been taught to dance like strippers. Please note the difference.

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