Mitrice Richardson Didn’t Have to Die the Way She Did

*It was with great sorrow and sadness the family of Mitrice Richardson, a young lady missing for over a year after being released from a Malibu, Calif. police station, received the news of her fate. Her skeletal remains were found in mountainous ravine near the police station. Her family is suspicious of what happened that night, saying there was malice involved.

A young lady, who allegedly was bi-polar, was released at 2:00 in the morning without contacting a family member, ensuring her safety, or giving her transportation.

Something needs to change. No logical person would ever have an attractive White woman walk the night streets alone especially recognizing some mental instability. Why did they do it with a this woman, a Black girl?

All of the suspicion surrounding her death is reasonable given the circumstances. Something else went on that night the police aren’t telling the public. Someone knows something and isn’t saying a word. I hate to turn this into a race thing, but it’s looking like it as more and more details surface.

This is a tragedy and things need to change.

2 thoughts on “Mitrice Richardson Didn’t Have to Die the Way She Did”

  1. There is something wrong with the whole thing! I think that someone needs to take a closer looks at the actually police in that area that detained her that night! How is it that she was found that close to the station but no one found her sooner.there is something that is not right!

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