92-Year-old Atlanta Woman’s Wrongful Death Avenged

*Atlanta police are in trouble for wrongfully shooting and killing 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston on Nov. 21 2006. Now Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is offering her family $4.9 million to settle the case.

Johnston was killed when police attempted to execute a “no-knock” search warrant on her home when the department received information that she was pushing drugs out of her home.

When police kicked down the door of her home, Johnston reached for her gun and fired one shot. Police returned fire and killed her. No drugs were found, however police planted drugs in her home they found in a different raid.

Three officers pleaded guilty and were sentenced to federal prison.

In June 2009, a fourth officer, Wilbert Stallings, a former sergeant, also pleaded guilty to conspiring to violate Johnson’s civil rights and was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison. A fifth officer, Daniel Betts, pleaded guilty to taking payments from businesses in exchange for extra police vigilance and was sentenced to probation.

Two other involved officers found they lied and falsified documents.

The family, city leaders, and community members are outraged at the conduct of the police. Finally the real dirt on police is coming out, but at the cost of a life.

The details of the case can be found here.

3 thoughts on “92-Year-old Atlanta Woman’s Wrongful Death Avenged”

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  2. She fired a gun at them. Why did they feel they needed to plant drugs in her house? Police kicked in my sister’s door after getting a tip that drugs were being sold out of her house. After it was proven to be a hoax, the city reimbursed her for damages and that was the end of it. Had she pulled a gun and fired on them, they would surely have shot her. But plant drugs in her house? Why?

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