Somebody’s Got Some ‘Splainin’ to do: Kids Fly Southwest Without IDs or Supervision

Bored, but adventerous kids few Southwest without IDs

*It has been all over the news lately about the kids who purchased their own airline tickets without a parent or proof of ID. What were they thinking? Better yet, where were their parents and how did this happen?

“I just wanted to fly,” said 15-year-old Bridget Brown. “I had the money.” Brown saved $700 from babysitting and asked a friend if he wanted to fly anywhere. The friend, 13-year-old Bobby Nolan III, said Nashville. The two of them, along with  Brown’s 11-year-old brother, took a cab to the airport.

The youngsters bought three tickets to Nashville at the Southwest counter and next thing you knew, onto the flight they went.

They followed all of the same security measures as anyone would do.

Their parents had no idea they were going. The plans, tickets and travel all happened in the same day.

Southwest attempted to clean up their lackadaisical procedures.

Either these kids are extremely smart, or the parents and the system in place needs some intervention.

Read the full story here.

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