Pennies for Taxes. Ha!

*They say every penny counts. I guess they’re right. A man from Hartford, CT decided to pay his debt to the government with a truck full of 30,000 pennies.

Brian Kiros was upset about his $301.76 tax bill and decided that he wasn’t going to  stand for, whatever he’s standing for, any longer. His annoying protest was a collection of pennies he happened upon at local banks.

“I’m like, if they are going to bother me like this, I’m going to bother them,” he tells WFSB.

This isn’t teaching anyone on the side of the government a lesson. This sort of ridiculousness takes up valuable time that could be used for more useful causes. Whose gotta count it all? The person, not the government, the person who collected the debt counted every penny of the payment, finding that he was $1.42 left.

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