Video: Atlanta’s Section 8 Madness

*You know the economy is bad when thousands of folks trample over each other for Section 8 housing.

Over 30,000 Georgia residents rushed into an Atlanta parking lot on Thursday.  It was so bad that people were fighting folks, kids got kicked, and police was beatin’ some tail.

People had been waiting in line for days, however, only 13,000  applications were handed out, but the kicker that only 455 families will receive assistance.

“The situation in East Point highlights how bad the situation really is,” said Dennis Williams, Assistant Commissioner for Rental Assistance in Georgia’s Department of Community Affairs. “There’s never enough to go around,” he said. “There’s always more need than vouchers.”

Williams says there are 59,000 Section 8 vouchers in Georgia allotted by the federal government, 50,000 of them for metro Atlanta.

Mr. Obama, umm… I think it’s time you do something for your people. I’m not just talking about Black folks, but for the people who were sucker in… I mean believed in your promises. Get it together and make something happen.

Watch the clip here:

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