Flight Attendant Cracks, Released from Jail

Steven Slater, JetBlue flight attendant

*Okay, this is crazy. If you didn’t hear or read about the crazed flight attendant who was just having a bad day, let me give you a little background before we get to the juicy stuff.

Steven Slater, a 20-year veteran JetBlue flight attendant, told a passenger to f**k off over the loud speak, took some beers from the plane’s stash, and took a ride down the emergency slide on Monday at the JFK airport. It was a dramatic scene that led to his arrest. It probably should have led to a strait jacket and a year of counseling.

Anyway, so according to the New York Times, he told authorities that he’s HIV positive. But to make matters worse, his neighbors say his mama is dying of lung cancer.

He wasn’t having a bad day. He was having a bad life.

He was recently let out of jail on $2,500 bail, and left the court smiling.

Who knows what his judgment will be, but according to the complaint, he can be responsible for replacing the inappropriately discharged emergency slide, costing some $25,000.

The complaint reads he has committed the following offenses:

Reckless endangerment in the first degree; criminal mischief in the second degree; reckless endangerment in the second degree; criminal mischief in the fourth degree; and a criminal trespass in the third degree.

Either this man is going to be in jail for a year or in a psycho ward for a year, but what he really needs is some help and counseling.

One thought on “Flight Attendant Cracks, Released from Jail”

  1. He doesn’t need a padded cell; he needs his own reality show. Sometimes customers and supervisors take you there. While I agree that the way he handled the situation was unprofessional and inappropriate, he did what a lot of people wish they could do-give folks who deserve it a piece of their mind and bounce! Except instead of walking off the job he slid off on the emergency chute. lol I love this dude baby!

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