Why Some Women Become Lesbians Later in Life

*I’ve wondered this myself in the past, came up with my own un-scientific conclusions. Why do some women become lesbians later in life?

Well, it’s because someone hurt them in the past and the woman just got fed up with men… or … she was hiding her true feelings, but later in life she opened up her wings and became the woman she was destined to be … or … she’s experimenting late in life.

These are just some of the thoughts some of us have had. But research says that a woman’s attraction to women can change from life phase to life phase, according to a report on NPR:

“Women’s erotic desires are pretty tightly linked to their emotional feelings,” a researcher who has tracked a group of 79 women over 15 years told NPR. “So for some of these women, they authentically did not feel attracted to women before they met one particular woman that they completely fell in love with.”

Perhaps that’s the case with Sheryl Swoops. She was married with a kid, but later became a lesbian or bisexual as she says. After her marriage ended, she met her partner Alisa Scott aka Scotty. She said she never was attracted to other women before that and she didn’t “convert” after divorcing her husband. She just met that woman.

Read the details of the study here.

8 thoughts on “Why Some Women Become Lesbians Later in Life”

  1. No one becomes a lesbian. Either are or you aren’t. A woman having sex with a woman does NOT make her a lesbian. Plenty of straight women experiment or have a relationship with another woman.

    Sexual orientation is a misleading term. It’s really more about who we have romantic feelings for. I think that’s why some people thing homosexuality is a choice because they equate being a lesbian or being gay only with sex.

    Who we humans have sex with is a matter of choice but who we have romantic feelings for is something we’re born with.

  2. I am married and straight and thought I would be married for the rest of my days. Turns out my husband is a lying cheating POS. The after-taste of this relationship has left me thinking I am either going be begin dating out of my race, or dating a woman. I’m open to both, rather than deal with another brother. I’ve seen too much.

  3. there are many women out there now that are lesbians, because they cannot make it with a man. they need the love from other women instead of being with men. very disgusting to me, as a straight man that is looking to meet a good woman for me now. then again, you women are a bunch of losers and filthy pigs today.

  4. why in the world are there so many LESBIANS today? it seems that more and more women are into other women now. very sorry to hear that many of you can’t make it with a MAN. no wonder why many of us good straight guys are having TROUBLE meeting women today, and we REALLY can’t blame ourselves for so many GARBAGE women that are out there now. what a shame, and a WASTE OF HUMANITY that you women have become.

  5. Older black females were bisexual/on the down low back in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Its been a well-kept and guarded secret. Like a female/women’s club secret. Back in those days, females swore not to tell anyone of their secret pact. It wasn’t until the year 2000 that I found out a lot of info about these chicks. In the 60’s, a dyke “stole” her brother’s wife. One night when she was drunk, someone pushed her onto some railroad tracks and her legs were cut off by a train. Till this day, people say that her brother did it. He wasn’t charged b/c no one witnessed it but her. That is if she remembered anything about that nite since she was drunk.

    Females who break up couples/marriages obviously don’t think about the consequences of their actions. Really. To approach/make passes at your own relatives gf/wife goes way beyond disrespect. But these lowdown, out of control females don’t see anything wrong with it. They are selfish backstabbers.

    Rumor has it that when a female hooks up with another female, whether or not she has a man, she doesn’t a man. A man may as well forget her and find a new/another woman.

    This has been the man reason why heterosexual men can’t get along or find it damn near impossible to get along w/ a so-called heterosexual woman. She’s a bisexual who’s not far from becoming a lesbian.

    A so-called heterosexual female may be in a relationship w/ a lesbian but she’s still attracted to men. Lesbians DO NOT like men at all, especially if she’s the dominate on in a lesbian relationship. They REALLY hate everything about men yet they’ll imitate them.

    Yes, its true that men have/do hurt women but women have also hurt men. A lot of times when someone chooses the same gender, its an alternative choice. Something different to try. Some/Many females are just NOT good-woman/wife/marriage material. Decent heterosexual men don’t wanna share their woman w/ another man let alone a female.

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