Video: Palin ‘Conversation’ With Schoolteacher Proves She’s an Idiot

*As if the rest of the world didn’t already know. This is quite hilarious. Former Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin was caught with her pants down, not literally of course, when a local Alaskan practiced her first amendment right to free speech. A Homer, Alaska schoolteacher, and wife of a fisherman, called Palin the “WORST GOVERNOR EVER.” She wrote the words on a 30-feet by 3-feet banner in bold black letters.

Palin confronted the woman about the sign and the conversation that ensued makes you thank God she and John McCain didn’t win their bid for the White House. The schoolteacher called  Palin out, basically saying she quit her job running the state because she was too worried about her celebrity status and the money that came with it.

The confrontation is telling because if Palin didn’t have the intelligence to repond coherently to the schoolteacher and a former supporter, how in the hell can she or the Republicans even think about putting her up against Barack Obama .

In fact, this is the same nitwit who, a few days ago, had the nerve to say President Obama was in over his head overall and didn’t have the cojones to deal with the immigration issue.

Watch it here:

4 thoughts on “Video: Palin ‘Conversation’ With Schoolteacher Proves She’s an Idiot”

  1. There were no confrontations. She stopped and had a simple chat. Palin did not attack her. She handled it quite well but for your hate filled eyes. Maybe the protestor should be picketing the people that filed these phony ethics complaints that cost Palin hundreds of thousands in legal bills. If Palin was the worst governor ever then why would she want her back? The messenger doesn’t make a bit of sense.

  2. Palin gets dumber by the day. Its obvious she has not yet learned to speak in public and this Video exemplifies this shortcoming. Its also obvious she(palin) is denegrating by her body langauge, she is dissing this Teacher yet Palin herself could never be a teacher. Hopw anyone could vote for this Idiot is beyond me.

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