The Obamas Are Under the Gun

*President Barack Obama is having a lot of fun being president, it seems. This weekend, while the girls were out, the commander in chief played a game of basketball with some NBA stars, and other stars took part in the once in a lifetime events. No one reported the score yet, but the president, we hear didn’t punk out.

Although he was facing some of the nation’s best, tallest basketball players, the president did what he did best, play basketball. Oops. Well, at least some would say he’s not doing a very good job at his real job.

Have you seen the approval rate lately? It is quickly declining and does not show too many signs of improvement.

Yes critics will talk about our new and first Black president, but the truth of the matter is, he is letting his shirt hang out his pants lately. New reports have come out disclosing that the president has officially gone on more golfing trips than America’s failing former president, President Bush.

Folks are still wondering when he is going to do anything for Black people.

Let me tell you now… just because he’s physically, genetically Black, does not mean he’s looking out for anyone in particular; besides, he has to keep it even because he’s under the microscope.

Not only is the president being criticized, but also First Lady Obama is being talked about for her very expensive weekend vacation in Spain, spending some outrageous $200,000. Whew, I wish.

This ain’t the time for that. The American economy is on some other stuff and our presidency is Black. Get a grip and do what you need to do because lest not forget who the critics are. Oh I don’t want to forget to add everyone’s favorite, Rush Limbaugh, who said he will allow this crazy vacation spending for America’s “slave past” as a form of reparations… smh.

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