Erykah Badu, We Just Wanna Know What Tha?!

*No one thought she would ever commit a neo-soul no-no… but she did! Why would Erykah do this wild thing to herself? Maybe she’s trying to make a statement. Or perhaps we all thought we knew the woman.

The unique singer has been performing with the most extreme hairstyles, within reason if you will.  So she was performing at the Chicago Lollapalooza, when a photographer snapped a few photos of her atrocious blonde mohawk. It’s almost as if she is denying her roots, turning her back on originality, giving her glory to “the man.” No one can deny her unwavering talent, lyrics of metaphysics, or striking looks. However, this is just not like Erykah.

We haven’t heard a statement from her yet on her hair fiasco, but the world of music is all ears. Hopefully, she has some sort of redeeming explanation for this.

We hope she’s not losing her mind. We’ve lost enough REAL artists in the past decade or so.

3 thoughts on “Erykah Badu, We Just Wanna Know What Tha?!”

  1. Erykah’s most likely getting high and making “get high music” or she’s trippin’ over the circumstances of her having 3 kids w/ 3 different baby daddies and she hasn’t been married once. Since she’s had children out of wedlock, I guess we may be seeing the REAL Erykah.

    When Bobby Brown FINALLY came out and told the truth about his drug addiction, even though we knew he was a drug addict, he stated that he had been making “get high music” for five years. I don’t know how many “get high” albums he recorded but he’d been getting high longer than five years.

    Wondre how long Erykah’s gonna keep her drug addition/mental problems a secret?

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