Body Scanners to “Take Over” NY Airports

*In a recent informal poll conducted by NBC, local New Yorkers (70% of poll participants) are furious about the new move by TSA to introduce those uncomfortable full body scanners at their airports, while 14 percent are thrilled.

The invasive technology was first brought to fruition a few years ago at scattered airports across the country in response to the 911 “attacks” and advanced terrorist threats across the world.

Many people are saying these scanners impose on their 14th amendment rights and pose unknown health risks.

If you haven’t checked out these scanners, they take a picture of your body underneath your clothes, however the “naked eye” image is not seen. The scanner only reveals what is beneath your clothes in figures, not color and does not reveal the facial identity of the person. Americans have been quite riled up about these things, either saying they feel safer, or that “big brother” is a peeping tom.

These scanners are expensive and have cost us, yes us, American taxpayers’, more than $200 million. Our safety is important, but this is a bit overkill and has the potential to create an environment of over-scared, under-trusting (of each other), divided country. The ones we need to be watching is the one putting and allowing these scanners in our airports. They are not mandatory now, but what will happen when we do not have a choice any longer?

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