You Are What You Eat

*Try this: genetically altered salmon. Sounds delish eh? Well, that’s what the FDA has approved to put into grocery stores near you.

The story from AOL news claims that in order to keep up with rising demand for products such as fish, the U.S. is going to begin manufacturing our salmon, bred from several species. The point is to breed fish faster and year round, but everyone is not on board with the idea.

According to the report, the FDA has not done extensive testing on this type of “cloning” and there is no evidence of what long term affects this can have on humans! But they are willing to let this be sold in your local markets.

It’s bad enough we eat the processed, diluted, chemical infested foods we do now, but now they’ve really outdone themselves by breeding fish. Soon, we won’t be able to eat anything produced in the U.S.

They’ve already approved mass breeding of chickens and cows. We should all just go vegan and grow our vegetables in our apartments and backyards. It just isn’t getting any better.

Read the story here.

2 thoughts on “You Are What You Eat”

  1. The love of money is still the root of all evil. Man’s greed will be the fall and death of man. When money is desired over the health of people these kinds of decisions are made. If you become a vegetarian you must eat organic foods because fruits and vegetables just like the meat is contaminated by man. You can’t drink water because man has polluted that too. God created the earth for man to live on and from, man has created contaminants and destroyed it for the sake of money. God forgive and help us all.

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