The Perfect idea?: Pants for Pigging Out

*We bet everyone wants one of these – pants designed for people to simply eat more than their normal pants can handle. Here’s the story from

Offal enthusiast Chris Cosentino , of the San Francisco restaurant Incanto and The Next Iron Chef, has teamed up with the zany apparel company Betabrand to create the first ever pair of pants designed specifically for eating.

Made in small San Francisco sew shops, these $100 “Gluttony Pants” have all
the bells and whistles serious foodies need, including:
*       Three different buttons at the waist labeled piglet, sow, and boar to accommodate expanding bellies.
*       A soft caramel canvas lined with burgundy-colored cotton and a dark khaki wash that might even hide food stains.
*       Sharp graphics, from the mind of Cosentino and illustrated by artist Jon Adams “that depict the life cycle of a glutton–from the miracle of birth to the final, agonizing moment before death by heart attack.”
*       Lastly, they are “to [Betabrand’s] knowledge the first trousers equipped with their own napkin.”

This is simply an ingenious idea. Think about it. When Thanksgiving comes around, you want to be comfortable packing on the pounds of turkey and mac’ n cheese. Perhaps you go to a buffet and you don’t wanna look as if you gained five pounds when you get out, so you wear your gluttony pants and still leave the place looking cute. Oh these are perfect for women for that time of the month – bloating, cravings, and comfort. Instead of unbuttoning that top button of your jeans, you can just sit back without feeling the pressure of a pants button.

But this could be a bad thing. This will take away the one tool that lets us know when to stop forking down that delicious pie.

Look at the photos here.

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