A Facebook Search for the Other Woman Turns Up Hubby’s New Wife!

*Social media has become a giant that is now an unstoppable force, designed to keep folks connected and in the know about everything. Sometimes it gets in the way of a good scandal, and can really make a relationship crumble.

Facebook just got a husband in trouble.

Newser recently reported that Lynn France had a sneaky suspicion her husband was cheating on her, but never to this extent.

When she typed her hubby’s mistress’s name in the social site, she found over 200 wedding photos of her husband and the other woman. The two were hugged up at Disney World, with her husband dressed as Prince Charming! But that’s not all folks, this woman confronted the mistress in the past, before the two married.

She was reassured by her “prince charming” he wasn’t going to do it. But they did, Jan 2009, and he’s not ashamed of it at all. In fact, he’s saying his wedding with France that took place on beautiful Amalfi Coast in Italy was illegitimate.

Now he lives with the other broad in Tampa, where he took his boys to live with him. Wowzers!

Now, lady France, the first one, I suppose, is preparing herself for a long-winded, ugly court battle. And get this… while she can’t see her kids, she can only check up on them through the Facebook page she discovered her soon to be ex-husband’s extramarital affair.

Some people!

4 thoughts on “A Facebook Search for the Other Woman Turns Up Hubby’s New Wife!”

  1. Coward!!!! even if his marriage was illegal, why did he wait until it became convenient for him rather than the moment he found out while living as her husband. He is going to reap a much bigger crop than what he sowed on this one! Trust!!

  2. Please believe facebook will get a cheater caught. I caught my ex on there with another woman. A frenemy of mine caught their ex on their with their wife and so on and so on so be careful what you look for you just might find it!!!

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