Hartford Shooting Damages the Soul

Omar S. Thornton

*It was a sad day yesterday in Hartford and all over the country when a tense beer distributor warehouse worker opened fire on his peers. The brother shot six people. It ain’t a white thing no more. He then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.

Omar S. Thornton, 34, had an alleged disciplinary problem and was racially harassed at work. His superiors did nothing to remedy the situation. His anger escalated to an unimaginable high.

What is happening in America!? This man needed help, but those responsible for the workplace sat back and basically watched this happen. This may sound extreme but maybe it’s time to hold employers responsible for the actions of their workers! Many of these people who crack in the workplace or at the schools show plenty of signs of unsubtly. They are crying out for help. When managers who probably aren’t trained right or care nothing for their employees don’t react, they get this sort of behavior. This is happening way too much. Something needs to happen.

It is a very terrible tragedy for several families, surviving employees, and the American spirit. These kind of break outs make it hard for people to really feel safe and free.

With the economy in the place it’s in, folks can’t take chances to be evil to people. You just never know when that person will turn on you, or even themselves.

Read a compelling report on the trend of these kind of tragedies in America here.

2 thoughts on “Hartford Shooting Damages the Soul”

  1. These times are hard and people really need to think before they react. People need to think before they speak. People need to treat others as they would like to be treated. I do not condone the behavior of this young man, but I can certainly understand how being mistreated without any remedy could lead a person to believe that resolving the issue would be to do something drastic. Hurting people do hurt people. Be careful!

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