Twitter Landmarks 20 Billion Tweets

*Who would have thunk anyone was actually keeping track of this information? Well it’s true folks, Twitter’s popularity worldwide has reached an all time high and folks from all over are using the microblogging, 140 character limit message center to keep in touch, keep track of celebrities, and even take the place of texting or IMing.

So who was the tweeter who made history? A Tokyo-based graphic designer GGGGGGo_Lets_Go (that’s his Twitter name).

He was in the middle of a conversation and posted, “So that means the barrage might come back later all at once.”

And then he was bombarded with congratulatory messages from folks from around the world.

“It looks like I posted the 20 billionth tweet. I’m getting replies from people all over the world. It’s scary. What are the chances? Maybe I’m going to die. Is it more amazing than winning the lottery? I thought it was a joke,” he wrote afterward.

According to the Guardian, Twitter’s popularity in Japan has soared in the past year with the company estimating that the Japanese send about 12% of all tweets worldwide, second only to the US.
It is just two months since Twitter’s 15-billionth tweet and only five months since the ten billionth, which took four years to reach. Worldwide around 300,000 users are signing up for new accounts every day.

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