J-Lo for American Idol Please!

*Is it just me, or is Fox steering in the right direction of a reasonably fitting American Idol season 10 judge? Well, not that it’s been set in stone yet, but if they do choose Jennifer Lopez to take the place of Ellen DeGeneres, they’d be making America feel right at home. Let me explain.

So, there was Paula Abdul. Great dancer, beautiful woman, soft critiques, but the woman had no real singing talent. However America loved her. Let’s say American Idol’s next judge will be Lopez … Well, she too is a great dancer, beautiful woman, her critiques may not be too soft – she is Jenny from the Bronx – but she is one of those stars who just can’t really sing.

Sounds about right, right?

Now if DeGeneres became the judge, her opinion would be as good as any person with maybe some shower singing experience and a few good notes. She is a hilarious woman, don’t get me wrong. But perhaps it wasn’t going to be a great idea to keep her on the show anyway. She really never could have been the Simon Cowell of the show. Her heart is a bit too soft. He’s one of a kind anyway.

So my vote goes to Jennifer Lopez. Who takes American Idol seriously anyway? It’s America’s vote that matters at the end of the day. Read more about Fox’s decision here.

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