BP C.O.O. is Lyin’ Through His Teeth

*If it wasn’t enough that BP was basically trying to kill off every living creature in the Gulf, the chief operations officer, is encouraging seafood eaters to consume their toxic waste product in the form of Gulf fish.

Doug Suttles told the public that he would “absolutely” eat Gulf seafood. He says that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has done some extensive testing and has cleared consummation of BP oil massacred seafood.

I wouldn’t!

He told reporters, “I have a lot of confidence in those agencies and I trust their recommendations and I would eat their food — the seafood out of the Gulf, and I would feed it to my family.”

I want some long term testing. Will that fish give me cancer? Will that shrimp in my Louisiana gumbo give me the runs?

Let’s be honest here. We all know that they not only contaminated the waters with their oil, but also with some chemicals to disperse it throughout the ocean.

Anderson Cooper and his buddies at CNN made a special report about the catastrophe, highlighting the damage the disaster caused. The dispersants have killed wildlife, damaged the ecosystem, polluted the ocean and beaches.

Coast dwellers don’t even eat the seafood anymore. They’re eating chicken, pork, and turkey, not only because the fish are dead, hiding, and swam away, but also because the seafood don’t taste right.

BP has just about cured me of seafood, though I will miss my Southern style crab cakes and no C.O.O. of the culprit company gonna convince me it’s safe to eat oil marinated fish.

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