Video: Illegal Doctor Sisters Run for Border After Patient Dies

It’s okay to be an entrepreneur when you’re either licensed, educated and/or experienced in the field which you plan to provide your service.  But don’t be like these two sisters, Alejandra and Guadulupe Viveros, who  thought they would open up their own medical business (of sorts) IN THEIR HOME and inject folks with silicone and only God knows what else as a part of their home business.  They have been administering illegal shots and procedures and been in trouble with the law.  But they are out on $20,000 bond and guess where they are now?  Your guess would be BETTER than California police’s leads.  After administering a fatal shot of silicone to a young mother these sisters ran for the border!

The police had been getting complaints about the Viveros sisters little clinic they were running out of their home.  The stuff they were using to inject their patients with was of a low grade and caused all kinds of problems. In other words, their products was some BULL! According to CNN, allegedly, the woman they are suspected of inadvertently killing wanted silicone in her buttocks, but once they injected her she ended up having lung problems.  Guadulupe claims she was a doctor in Mexico and Alejandra was supposedly her business partner.  They were supposed to be arraigned this week on other unrelated charges, but were a no show.  That was the first tip to authorities that they may have indeed vamanos out of here! Check them out.

-J.C. Brooks

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