California’s Gubernatorial Candidate Avoiding Blacks and Latinos?

Meg Whitman is the former CEO of eBay and now she has her sights set on being governor of California, but she’s avoiding blacks and latinos all the way to the office.  She has not scheduled any of her massive campaign budget in ads through any of the black media and has been blaming “schedule conflicts” on her reasoning for not being present at rallys in the black and latino community.
This Saturday will be no different.

She plans to be a “no show” once again for a candidate’s forum at the San Francisco Christian Center on black and Latino issues.  According to BeyondChron, it’s being billed as the California Gubernatorial Faith Forum.  The event is a major opportunity for the candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor will separately answer questions from an audience of mostly African American and Hispanic church members.  But once again, she can’t make it and California’s African American community is starting to believe it’s them.

What we do respect is gutsy moves!  And Whitman is up against even more conservative Republican candidate  Senate candidate Carly Fiorina. She is the former HP CEO who just showed up unannounced in South Central Los Angeles at a Juneteenth event, no less!  Now some of us might have stayed home from that one.  But by the time she got through working the crowd, Beyond Chron reported that she left the South Central event “with video and photos of her wearing an African designed Kente scarf, and giving a speech in front of large group of African Americans.”  But, her politics still don’t match ours no matter how much Kente you throw on!

Check out Whitman’s “avoidance” schedule here.  It looks like she won’t be getting the African American community’s vote.

2 thoughts on “California’s Gubernatorial Candidate Avoiding Blacks and Latinos?”

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