Bizarre Missing Person Case May Be Over

Mitrice Richardson, 25, thought to be missing until recently.

Last year a young woman came up missing after being released from the Sheriff’s office in L.A.   Her family was outraged at how they handled her because they say it should’ve been evident that there was something wrong with her.  The woman, 25-year old Mitrice Richardson, was a college honor student, but she suffers from bipolar disorder .  According to L.A.’s local NBC affiliate, she was at a restaurant getting loud about a bill and refusing to pay when the restaurant’s manager called 911 and had her escorted from the premises.  But once she was taken away by police and let go, she was never seen again.

But now, an ex-boyfriend claims to have seen her in Las Vegas in the Rio Hotel and Casino.  Her own dad, Michael Richardson, said he saw her there in January, so it was not strange to hear that she was in Vegas.  Does this sound strange to you?  She really is no longer a part of the missing person’s claim, she simply is a young woman that has lost her way.  But should she remain on the books as the priority?  Should the cops call it a day on her case and make her father go on the hunt?  What gives?  As much as we need authorities and media to trump the little black children that  are really missing.  Sorry, but I’m hoping someone rescues our children for a change. Read more on the story here.  See below NBC’s take on her:

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