Michael Jackson’s Doctors Are Off the Hook


Michael Jackson has been gone a little over a year now and no one has found a way to hold anyone accountable for his death.  Although there were several other doctors sliding the late singer illegal substances, the only retribution the Jackson family has received is the very public investigation and charge of involuntary manslaughter to Dr. Conrad Murray–Michael’s personal doctor at the time of his death.

The other doctors and a nurse were not held accountable for their actions.  According to CNN, “Investigators did not find sufficient evidence to recommend criminal prosecution of any of the medical practitioners,” said Christine Gasparac, a spokeswoman for Attorney General Jerry Brown.

The powers that be probably sees Michael Jackson as an out of control drug addict that wouldn’t follow the instruction of anyone but himself.  Because while these doctors and a nurse were giving him heavy drugs, he requested them.  They were not prescribed.  Do you want to see them let this go or should they seek further investigation into the misuse of these drugs and his death?

Read here about what the courts DO NOT plan to do about it.

-J.C. Brooks

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