Video: It’s a Bird…It’s A Plane…No, It’s A Donkey?


This stunt is proof that Russians must have the best vodka in the world.  Why else would a group of people in Russia get together and go to the beach with a mule with the intention of strapping the animal to a flying device to let it go?  Someone in this group of men could not have been sober at the time.

According to the Huffington Post, onlookers were in shock watching the donkey struggle as it parasailed over the Azov Sea near the village of Golubitskaya as a part of a “promotional stunt.”  Now authorities are trying to find a way to put them away for a couple years for animal cruelty.  That should be enough time for them to think about what they’ve done. 

Check them out on this amateur video of the incident:

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