Video: Campaign Gets Dirty to ‘Unf—k the Gulf’


The Gulf is definitely in a state of emergency.  The unfathomable photos of the oil smothered wildlife that have been in the media have disturbed us all.  But now there are a group that have finally said enough is enough.  The MEDIAite site reported that the campaign is the brainchild of environmental activist Nate Guidas and media strategist Luke Montgomery.  They said let’s let all the kids and anyone else who’s fed up to chime in and say let’s “Unf–k the Gulf!” and put it on t-shirts too.

So far the campaign is off to a great start.  They are raising funds with the t-shirts for a charity of the people’s choosing; visitors can weigh in on the direction of the monies as well.  The problem some, like Bill O’Reilly, are having with the campaign is the children in the video who get to “vent” their frustrations with the worst language they can find.  Read more about it at MEDIAite here and check out the video:

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