Video: Cameroonian Women Burn Breasts for Protection?

The country of Cameroon has problems with sexual assault, pregnancy, and STD’s, so to remedy the girls from being attractive to men they burn their breasts with hot stones. It is absolutely horrific to think of women having the circumcision, now they think it’s okay to burn these children, as young as nine, and leave them with painful lifelong scars.  Some of the burns are life threatening.

One woman spoke out about why she thought the women burned her and she felt they should have just taught her what to do or not to do rather than leave her with these sickening scars that still hurt her many years later.  The women are sacrificing their beautiful selves to not be attractive, but then there’s nothing left for them.

View this heart-wrenching documentary from Current:

4 thoughts on “Video: Cameroonian Women Burn Breasts for Protection?”

  1. Being “ugly” NEVER stopped anyone from having sex!! These people need some mental help. That idea of burning the girls to keep them from being attracted is just “sick” and ungodly!!

  2. I was sicken to my stomach to view this video! Where is the government? Where is the church? Why doesn’t Law Enforcement threaten to arrest these mean ignorant parents and move these children into a Foster Home type system?

    It doesn’t take that much brain power to do.

    There are plenty of women whom love children with all of their heart.

    As the end of ages near, more and more craziness is becoming very apparent. My soul hurts for Africa! No more rape! No more female mutilation! NO MORE BREAST IRONING!!!

    I will be praying for this abuse to stop!

  3. why not just mutilate their faces. If they think ‘small breasts’ (the goal of ironing is not to mutilate but to prevent from growth) then mutilation would all the better. And better still not a hidden mutilation like scarred deformed breasted but visible mutilation like a cut off their nose etc. if the believe this will deter horny teens or rapists.

    ‘Course over there they don’t see it as bad, so why would they stop. In fact if we did it over here, we’d be insisting they needed to start doing it over there, as we are so so so culturally superior to them. What do we do when teen girls start becoming sexual? We deny it. Say its boys pressuring them (OK for boys to be sexual). Tell them they have low self esteem, punish them, send them into treatment and drug them up.

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