Video: Buffalo Rams Tourists for Being Too Touristy

Cathy Hayes and her husband Jeff are interviewed about a recent attack by a bison.

Buffalo (or Bison) seem to be docile, quiet and/or peaceful.  They respond, similar to bulls, when they’re provoked. Well, it seems that one group needed to live on the wildside.  CBS News sat with a couple and their brother while they attempted to explain how such a thing could occur… in Yellowstone National Park.

It’s not clear who set the buffalo off, but once he got going, he was looking to kick some ass and that he did. Cathy Hayes, is a teacher from Utah, who was trying to catch bison on video.  Her   husband, Jeff, and his brother, Donald, were just joking about him getting too close and what the animal might do.  After the joke, everything went haywire.  Check out the interview:

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