The Four-Letter Words are Coming to Prime Time…More

The FCC appears to be relaxing on the rules and regulations of “cussin’.”  You thought you had to buy HBO and the other all-inclusive digital line-ups to hear the “good stuff.” When the new fall shows pop up on CBS, they will be laden with the expletives people crave at the height of the moment during your favorite show.

The Janet Jackson fiasco during the Super Bowl left the FCC looking like hard asses that couldn’t be moved, but dirty words have slipped under the radar.  According to the Today show, a new ruling by the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York has left the flood gates open. So if you’re not sending the kiddies to bed at a decent hour (before 9pm) everyone at school will soon know because of their new vocabulary.

What am I saying?  If you let your children stay up all times of night, they already have an original vocabulary.  Read here on the new TV coming your way this fall.

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