Illegal App Users Get ‘Jailbreak’ for iPhone

Get your apps. ready!  The government has just given you carte blanche to do with your iPhone and other devices what you see fit.  The “jailbreak” or unlocking of your phone you think you’ve been getting away with has now become a legal thing.  There’s no longer a need to go on a covert mission to get your phone unlocked and switched to a different wireless carrier or use apps for your iPhone that are not in the iTunes store.  Now you can go legit and stop the attempts to jailbreak.

According to the Associated Press, The Library of Congress “reviews and authorizes  exemptions every three years.”  That way all of the legal hoodoo known as “infringement” that Apple and other companies hold over their customers to keep them aligned with their products and hold off their competitors can also be properly configured to balance the market.

But now that Apple and their devices can be opened up and used with other softwares and carriers, you run the risk of your their devices malfunctioning.  Read here to see all that you might inherit with this new deregulation.

2 thoughts on “Illegal App Users Get ‘Jailbreak’ for iPhone”

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