Video: Woman Kills Children for Being Autistic

Mrs. Saiqa Akhter, 30, killed autistic children.

The blessing of healthy children is something that everyone is thankful to see when their child is born.  Then something happens and something isn’t quite right with your child and you find  they are autistic.  For some, this is simply too much to bear.  A prime example is Saiqa Akhter, 30, who tried to get her children to drink bathroom cleaner, then strangled them.  They wouldn’t drink the poison for her, so she made sure they would not live by other means.

Akhter made a disturbing call to 911 confessing to the operator that she had indeed killed her 2-year old daughter and 5-year old son because they were autistic.  Children can be hard on women left alone to tend to them 24 hours a day and seven days a week…without autism.  So, she probably had a meltdown dealing with them, but nothing…NOTHING can excuse taking their lives.

Will she try for an insanity plea, probably.  But she won’t be escaping the darkness of her crimes.  Read here for more details if you can. Listen to the calls and see the report here:

3 thoughts on “Video: Woman Kills Children for Being Autistic”

  1. If she was so unhappy with her children being autistic, she should of put them up for adoption. There are plenty of families out there who would love to have her children. It’s sad that she doesn’t love her own children that much to give them a chance at life. She had no emotion, it was all about her. How she wants “Normal” Children, when no normal person murders there children. Who is she to decided on who should live or die? Only god makes those choices.

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