Video:North Carolina Revisits Segregation Fight In School System

Raleigh, N.C., is in the fight of their life with the community over cutting “bussing” to the schools from lower income communities that will break national civil rights policies for the first time since the civil rights era. It has caused a major outburst from the community that reflects the unsettled temper of 1960’s over school segregation.  The recent decree to stop bussing will inadvertently segregate schools.  The districts diversity policy that separated students on socioeconomic backgrounds has been condemned by the schoolboard many times.

The freedom fighter of the civil rights era, George Blackwell, was also in attendance as well as the head of North Carolina’s NAACP, William Barber, who was arrested at a schoolboard meeting.  The socioeconomic prejudice that is being used to decide the fate of the school system is reminiscent of the attitudes of the pre-civil rights era government.  Check it out:

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