Video: Black Woman Fights for State Senate Seat Against Democrats

Ex Illinois State Senate candidate Cedra Crenshaw.

Chicago has turned into a hotbed of racial political warfare.  This much action hasn’t been seen since the fight over President Obama’s senate seat and his campaign.  The NAACP is putting the tea party’s feet to the fire for their “explicitly racist behavior” while a black woman Republican that was making a run for state senate was shut out by Illinois Democrats on a technicality for what she believes is racially motivated.

Cedra Crenshaw, was eliminated from the opportunity to be considered for state senate because the electoral board said her submission papers were outdated and stated that she had 90 days to collect signatures rather than the 75 days that are seen on the updated forms needed to be a valid candidate.  Crenshaw said she had only gathered signatures for 19 days and what the papers say on them is irrelevant.  But the electoral board cannot be sure that she didn’t get a headstart on other candidates because she thought she had 90 days.

She has started calling herself the “mom versus the machine.” Crenshaw believes that the Democrats of Illinois don’t really agree with the inclusion practices they profess.  And the Republicans get to come out smelling like a rose amidst the tea party (most being republicans) claims from the NAACP that they are racists because having Crenshaw in their fold makes them appear to be just the opposite of her claims against the Democrats of her state. She is a Republican linked with the tea party, so they couldn’t be in any way practicing “expliciitly racist behavior” right?

Read more about the Illinois race battle here , while checking out her commercial to combat the unfair treatment she has experienced:

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