New Orleans Devastated Again by Northrop Grumman Closing

It appears that Detroit and New Orleans is in a miserable battle of economic downturns.  Detroit has seen plant closures and thousands laid off and now New Orleans is set to take yet another blow to its nearly non-existant economy. Northrop Grumman has now announced that they are closing their Avondale plant and it will take 5,000 jobs with them.

The closing is not immediate, but it is definite.  According to CNN, they have to “finish building two LPD-class Navy ships, which are used to transport Marines.” They will be completed by 2013 and by that time all of the jobs and the plant will cease to exist.  The upside is that, at the very least, Northrop gave its workers a heads up.  This could keep the lives of 5,000 people from being devastated.

Read CNN’s report here and the plans that Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana may have to remedy the economic problems of the state.

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