Adoption Mother Finds Son and Has Sex with Him

Aimee L. Sword, 36, aka Bizarro World

Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any sicker, here comes this lady.  Aimee L. Sword, 36, had been looking for the child she gave up for adoption many years ago and now, after searching the Internet, she has found her son.  He must’ve tugged at her heart strings the moment she saw the 14-year old young man because it appears that a mother’s love was wiped away.

She was interested in him as a love interest from the beginning.  She found him on Facebook, but didn’t make him aware that the moment they saw one another fireworks popped off in her crazy mind.  And she wanted a relationship with him … as man and woman, not mother and son.  She had sex with the boy and now the courts have dealt with her.  Yuck!

Read here for her sentence and other details that were lodged in her web-like mind.

2 thoughts on “Adoption Mother Finds Son and Has Sex with Him”

  1. WHAT!!!!! Yuk is right. I mean this nastee, dusty slut (like many others) only gets 9yrs. If THAT!!!!! I mean, if she were a he, wouldn’t he be up under the prison???? She’s a freakin’ PEDOPHILE !!!!!

    No limits.
    But of course …. she’s a nut case. What’s the counseling for????

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