Troubles for iPhone 4…Press Conference Called

PC Nation is reporting that there is trouble in cyber-paradise.  There has been a few too many complaints about the iPhone 4 and somebody’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.   The explaining appears to be scheduled for Friday, according to PC Nation, and they have committed themselves to giving up the minutes from the meeting when it’s over.  They are going to give us all the opportunity to know what we don’t want out of the new phone.

If you haven’t already received your new cell phone extraordinaire, you may want to wait and hear what comes out of Friday’s meeting.  Anytime Consumer Report doesn’t want to recommend your product, that’s normally a really bad thing.  By the way, are any of you in the “death grip” with the iPhone 4?  Our guess is, you should be listening attentively on Friday. 

Read the details here.

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