Video: Is this Guy Really LeBron James’ Father?

A guy by the name of Leicester Stovell has surfaced with allegations of being LeBron James father.  He does bear an undeniable striking resemblance to the superstar baller, but his intentions behind being his father seem to be nothing less than sinister.  The alleged baby daddy comes with a slightly impressive pedigree as well.  He is a Princeton graduate who also attended  University of Chicago’s Law school and has worked for the Securities Exchange Commission.  And this wasn’t revealed in the interview with Headline News, but he sounds like he was classically trained for the theater. (He sounded like he would ask the host for a ‘spot of tea’ at any minute.) 

The move to find out if he is really LeBron’s father would sit with anyone just fine if he wasn’t demanding millions as a part of some kind of lawsuit that claims he was denied paternity by LeBron’s mother Gloria James.  They had one DNA test already that gave him the answer he did not want to hear and that was, “You are NOT the father!” (said in my Maury Povich voice)

Check him out in this interview.  You would swear he was the Old Spice dude with that speech.

-J.C. Brooks

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