Video: Big Boi Is Ready to ‘Release’

Big Boi sits down with CNN.

Outkast has enjoyed phenomenal success in their trek together over the last 16 years.  But, it’s been a sort of “all quiet on the set” mode for the last three.  The last thing we saw the dynamic duo that consists of Antwan A. Patton (Big Boi) and Andre Benjamin (Andre 3000)do together was the movie “Idlewild” and its soundtrack which was their last studio album together.  The movie bombed at the box office, but its ticket sales were not reflective of one of the most beautifully crafted musical motion pictures since the era of Cabin in the Sky or Stormy Weather.

But since that time, the two have parted on a mission to prove themselves as solo artists.  Big Boi has been working on a studio album that has been nearly four years in the making.  But, he cannot and will not sway from the chemical components he added to the explosive formula of Outkast and that is where him and Jive have a problem.  They want his sound to be a little more commercial and he has sold over 25 million albums to prove he knows what he’s doing.

The kinship that is between him and Andre remains.  They have one more album that they owe the label then the sky is the limit.  But any day now we can look forward to “Sir Luscious Leftfoot” instead of bits and pieces that have been admittedly self-leaked through the Internet.

Find out more of what Big Boi’s been up to in his interview with CNN.

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