Video: Are You Trying to Learn the ‘Dougie’ ?

Today I received four messages on my “wall” saying that people are trying to learn the “Dougie” or they want to be taught the “Dougie” or this is the best video of how the dance is done.  Well, out of everything I saw, this young lady beats them all.  Judging all the links was like using the Three Bears technique:  one had too much swag, another had too little swag, and the other had no swag at all.

They were all trying just a little too hard OR they didn’t try at all.  They were trying to get their 15 minutes in or something.  At any rate, this one had the right moves (I’m guessing) and she didn’t overdo it.  In fact, she seemed to be on her way out and that’s why she is wearing her backpack.  So, without further adieu….

-J.C. Brooks

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