Video: Woman Waiting to be Stoned in Iran for Adultery

The idea of someone being stoned in the 21st century is beyond American conception.  Such an archaic, but also barbaric, form of civil discipline would probably have a major impact on the social structure of America if we still used it.  But, something tells me that it would be equally abused as it seems it is in Iran where a woman awaits her SECOND punishment for the crime of adultery.

Now, you may read something different in the CNN story, but what I gathered is that her husband is dead.  He was murdered.  And she, Sakine Mohammedie Ashtiani, is said to have had a relationship with another man and now officials may even be trying to charge her with his death.  But her son Sajjad and his sister Farideh are  on a crusade to keep their mother from being stoned.  As anyone would, he figured she had been punished when she took 99 lashes in 2006. 

Their crusade would be complete if they could get the attention of supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei or Judiciary Chairman Sadegh Larijani.  Either of the two could pardon their mother. 

Read more on the modern day stoning here.  Check out the report.

2 thoughts on “Video: Woman Waiting to be Stoned in Iran for Adultery”

  1. Actually, no one should be stoned!! if they are living according to the Bible, Jesus clearly stopped a woman from being stoned for adultery by telling those who were without sin to throw the first stone and none could because none is without sin. Anways, Jesus paid the price for sin, she like us all can ask for forgiveness!!!

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