Video: ‘That’s Gay’ Picks Woman Suing Church for Gay Marriage Ceremonies

On a television show called infoMania, there’s a segment called “That’s Gay” where its host, Bryan Safi, highlights gay issues in the news from a satirical homosexual perspective.  This week there was a segment called “That’s Gay Salutes the Nation’s Worst Church Lady.”  This episode pays “tribute” to Yvonne Moore, a D.C. resident who sued her church for $250,000 because they started performing gay marriages.  She is completely against such a practice and feels that just because the law made it so, does not mean she or any other member of their congregation condone it.  The church began performing gay marriages no matter what the church community had to say about it.  Safi pretends to side with her, but points out the other things that she should’ve pointed out before gay marriage was an issue.

Check it out, here.

-J.C. Brooks

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