Video: First African American Male Valedictorian in Over a Decade Gives Moving Grad Speech

Deonte Bridges, Valedictorian of Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta , Ga.

Atlanta’s Booker T. Washington High School could not be represented better this year than when Deonte Bridges took to the stage to address  the crowd for the 2010 graduating class.  He is leaving to go to Emory where he has a full scholarship.  But not only does he have a scholarship from the school, he has the Gates Millenium Scholarship along with a host of other scholarships which puts him at  a million in scholarship monies for his undergraduate and graduate college education.

His speech was amazing.  It was not filled with a bunch of pomp and circumstance and busy with big words. Just old fashioned truth, wrapped in genuine words that were generous with the story of his journey and an ebb and tide of Maya Angelou’s “Still I Rise”.  He reveals his trials and tribulations while in high school like the death of his brother and his mother’s diagnosis with leukemia. Please, join us in embracing  Mr. Deonte Bridges. Congratulations young man! You are indeed the future we need.

-J.C. Brooks

9 thoughts on “Video: First African American Male Valedictorian in Over a Decade Gives Moving Grad Speech”

  1. Thanks! I really do appreciate it. I hope to inspire others! However, I will be attending UGA in the fall.

  2. It’s very inspiring to see young men like this. Deonte, I wish you nothing but success as you take off on your journey. May the sun only rise on you and never set. In all your success, remember those who have stood by you, your family and friends. And if and when you’re considering joining a fraternity, please consider the oldest and the coldest. Alpha Phi Alpha. 😉

  3. All our youth are not out selling drugs, striving for the bling, addressing femals and Beeotches, snatching pocketbooks, trying to rape someone, or the other negative stuff the media like to show. Why isn’t this being blasted on every television and radio station so the world can see?????

  4. Delonte is truly an inspiration. Life is not easy, but dreams and goals are attainable as Delonte has shown us all. Yes, we need to arise to the hope that many of our ancestors did not have a chance to experience, but laid the foundation for us with their blood, sweat and tears. I pray that this message will be shared throughout this nation to let our young people know that they too can arise and achieve their dreams with God’s help, as Delonte also shared, and each ones determination not is impossilbe.

  5. Deonte,

    I was moved to tears hearing your valedictorian speech. As a young black woman from Chicago in graduate school (where few black men are), it’s wonderful and emotionally endearing to see a young black man with your heart and mind; one who strives to excel and knows that the fate of his success is linked to his background.

    Congratulations, brother! I’d love to hear of your success and would be willing to offer any tips or pointers toward your academic endeavors- feel free to hit me up on facebook.

    As far as fraternities are concerned, make sure you listen to your heart… and if it rings TRUE, your calling will be BLUE 😉

    Portia Hemphill

  6. You have done an outstanding job, I know your family is VERY proud of you, I know this is just a stepping stone in your life to achieve greatness. My daughter is a Sophmore in H.S. and she was VERY much moved by your speech and made her realize that when faced with adversity, trials and tribulations sometimes make a person work even much harder to get out of that situation for they know by the grace of GOD there is more meant for them. Thank you for making history.

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