The New Phones Are Hackers’ Delight

The smartphones that are now being purchased at an alarming rate are all highly susceptile to hackers according to a report in the Los Angeles Times.  The new Droid phones and all smartphones are getting the big price tags to buy them and the short end of the stick on keeping them.   One hacker even came up with a code name to get in your phone.  Using that code, this particular hacker can get in your voice mail, turn on the mic and listen to not just phone conversations, but your every movement.

The hackers are also quite amazed at how easy some of the information is to get.  The apps in some phones are set up to show too much more information than what is needed.  Social Security numbers aren’t the craze anymore…CELL PHONES!!!  You probably went out and got one of the smartphones today didn’t you?  Well, somebody did and we hate to rain on your parade, but you know they give you more than 48 hours to return the merchandise.  Do the homework before you turn it on…please!

Read more of the alarming info on these phones here.

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