Mother of Jailed Autistic Teen Fights for his Life

A young black man hanging out around the library, obviously, isn’t normal or isn’t a place where he should be in this society. reports that someone called the police because a young black man was sitting outside the neighborhood library.  But they added more to the story saying that he had a gun.  It was proven that he did not.  But once police showed up to the scene, it is unclear who started shoving who, but of course the young black man will get the charge.  The young man is Reginald Latson, 18, and he is autistic.  He has been imprisoned for over a month for “assaulting an officer.”

According to his mother, Lisa Alexander, the police officer made harassing remarks to Latson and he was forced to defend himself after the officer started choking him.  Latson, known as Neli to most, ran after the police officer went as far as to pepper spray him.  Area schools were placed on lock down mode until they concluded a manhunt for the teenager. 

But as Lisa Alexander struggles to pay bills and her husband works contractually in Iraq, there is not enough money to retain a lawyer that she says will cost between $15 and $30,ooo to start her case. Her son has been placed in a mental facility where she believes he’s been drugged already. 

Read more here on this young man and his mother’s struggle to see him freed.

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