Video: Flight Stopped by Maggot Infestation Leaking from Overhead Bin

It is absolutely unimaginable to have maggots raining down on your head from anywhere, but to get comfortable and sitting in your seat preparing to fly somewhere? HELL NO!  The maggots seemed to be raining from the sky on Monday’s US Airways flight from Atlanta to New York City.  But because of maggots, the flight was stopped and the plane “fumigated.”  The people were able to get back on and get to their destination later, but the ordeal will be unforgettable for the passenger who had the maggots, unsuspectingly, falling in her hair.  Can you smell a lawsuit?

The airline got to the bottom of the problem immediately stating that it was a passenger traveling with rotting meat.  That passenger was “reaccommodated” on another flight.  In other words, they got booted off and told to get on another plane with that mess. (loosely translated)  But, the million dollar question is HOW did they get on the plane with rotting meat?  I can’t so much as bring a Tic-Tac on board without getting hustled to the ground and they are getting in with a vat of rotting meat.  What gives? Something doesn’t smell right…literally!

Check it out.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Video: Flight Stopped by Maggot Infestation Leaking from Overhead Bin”

  1. exactly… begs to question their security and the noses of the agents at the one smelled that..if it was that bad to have maggots parasictally attached to the meat..there is no way no one smelled it…
    Good cover up USA

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