California’s Gubernatorial Candidate Avoiding Blacks and Latinos?

Meg Whitman is the former CEO of eBay and now she has her sights set on being governor of California, but she’s avoiding blacks and latinos all the way to the office.  She has not scheduled any of her massive campaign budget in ads through any of the black media and has been blaming “schedule conflicts” on her reasoning for not being present at rallys in the black and latino community.
This Saturday will be no different. Continue reading

50 Cent Brings His Own Sexy Back!

A lot of you sistas have been looking forward to 50 Cent making his return at his normal ‘In Da Club’ weight since his recently tweeted photos of his sick look.  The muscular rapper lost 54 pounds to be in the movie “Things Fall Apart.”  He plays the part of a cancer patient for the film.  But Wednesday, he stepped out looking a few steaks bigger! Continue reading

Video: Illegal Doctor Sisters Run for Border After Patient Dies

It’s okay to be an entrepreneur when you’re either licensed, educated and/or experienced in the field which you plan to provide your service.  But don’t be like these two sisters, Alejandra and Guadulupe Viveros, who  thought they would open up their own medical business (of sorts) IN THEIR HOME and inject folks with silicone and only God knows what else as a part of their home business.  They have been administering illegal shots and procedures and been in trouble with the law.  But they are out on $20,000 bond and guess where they are now?  Your guess would be BETTER than California police’s leads.  After administering a fatal shot of silicone to a young mother these sisters ran for the border! Continue reading

Bizarre Missing Person Case May Be Over

Mitrice Richardson, 25, thought to be missing until recently.

Last year a young woman came up missing after being released from the Sheriff’s office in L.A.   Her family was outraged at how they handled her because they say it should’ve been evident that there was something wrong with her.  The woman, 25-year old Mitrice Richardson, was a college honor student, but she suffers from bipolar disorder .  According to L.A.’s local NBC affiliate, she was at a restaurant getting loud about a bill and refusing to pay when the restaurant’s manager called 911 and had her escorted from the premises.  But once she was taken away by police and let go, she was never seen again. Continue reading

Essence Magazine Takes Heat over Hiring White Editor

Angela Burt-Murray

Uh oh Essence! You done did it now.  Obviously, black women have been patronizing Essence magazine because it was the black women’s magazine.  Now you’ve gone and got yourself a white woman to sit at the helm of the fashion pages and tell a black woman what’s right for her image? Her fierceness?  Her swag?  The move to hire a white woman in the top spot was not celebrated and has ruffled the feathers of some black women who are incensed by a sort of break in tradition. Continue reading

Michael Jackson’s Doctors Are Off the Hook


Michael Jackson has been gone a little over a year now and no one has found a way to hold anyone accountable for his death.  Although there were several other doctors sliding the late singer illegal substances, the only retribution the Jackson family has received is the very public investigation and charge of involuntary manslaughter to Dr. Conrad Murray–Michael’s personal doctor at the time of his death. Continue reading

Old Spice Guy Gets Bigger Gig

The man you want your man to smell like from the Old Spice commercials, Isaiah Mustafa, has called it quits being your dream man with all the right moves.  He’s retired from the commercial spot almost as quickly as he shot to stardom being the renaissance man that your man loves to hate. But, with good reason…he’s landed himself a movie career. Continue reading

Amazon’s Kindle Is Not for Sale?

Amazon’s insanely popular e-reader, Kindle, has been a little more than popular…it’s SOLD OUT!  The item selling out the way it has is unheard of, but consumer experts saw it coming.  They said that the base level Kindle was dropped in price because they were making way for a new Kindle.  And lo and behold, we are on the heels of the new Kindle DX.  This one has a hefty price of $379, that the consumers may not  mind purchasing either. Continue reading